These 4 People Never Gave up and So shouldn’t You

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There is nothing like seeing the underdog rise to the top and make it big in life. You don’t get inspired by people who rose to prominence because they were born with a silver spoon, but by those iconoclastic, game-changing, crazy ones who shake things up in life to achieve success. They touch our hearts.

Although there is a long list of people who made it big in life, I will narrow down 4 people who have been greatly inspiring to me. They are in no particular order:

  1. K Rowling

History will remember J.K Rowling as the woman who never stopped dreaming and aspiring to achieve what she set out to. She got divorced, had no job, had a little baby to take care of and lived in a rat infested apartment in one of the poorest neighborhoods of London. She got rejected from 12 different publishers until one finally took a leap of faith in her award winning series of Harry Potter books. She didn’t even have a computer and worked on a typewriter. She was so dedicated that she actually typed her entire novel multiple times to send to each publisher. Mind you, her novel was no less than 90,000 words so typing that all so many times and still surviving rejection would make anyone depressed. Take notes from her dedication and strong will to progress in life.


  1. Jack Ma

If you think you are a big failure in life then think again. Jack MA (the founder and CEO) of faced so many failures in his life that had he not persisted, he would be living a miserable life. He tried applying to a university thrice and got rejected every time. He failed all the entrance exams. Eventually, he got accepted to a lesser known university and barely graduated. He applied to KFC when it came for the first time in China and everyone except for him got hired. He never studied computers or engineering but was able to create one of the most successful online retailing sites in the world, which is now hailed as the Amazon of China.


  1. Walt Disney

We have all grown up watching Disney movies, but little do we know that Walt Disney was discouraged to be a cartoonist when he first applied to a newspaper. It is hard to believe that he was fired just because he was deemed unimaginative by his boss.  Now Disney is a household name and is the most popular filming and animation brand for children in the world.

  1. Colonel Sanders

The finger lickin’ good brand didn’t happen overnight. Sometimes blessings come as disguises and Colonel Sanders being fired from various jobs was exactly that. He created the perfect recipe for chicken in a decade and went on to become one of the most successful food establishments in the world. KFC now boasts 18000 branches in the world in 118 countries.


I hope you took some inspiration from these 4 people and their stories of persistence. Excuse me while I grab a KFC drumstick and read some Harry Potter.




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