5 Best ways on How to deal with stress

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Are you feeling stressed? Well don’t worry, it is common that there will be some sort of stress in one or the other way.

Well, to be clear there is stress relating to Studies, Exams, Peers, Teachers, Seniors, Jobs, Business and so on. So never be depressed with anything and be ready to face.

We will see how the stress will affect you and later we will see how you can overcome it. Always remember there are two types of stress one is Positive and other is Negative.

Positive stress is good for you and it will make you more stronger and confident. Whereas, negative stress is not good. It breaks you.

Positive stress like – Competition, Overcoming change, Changing habits etc and Negative stress like – Angry, Jealous, Revenge etc better be away from these.

The ways how the negative stress will affect you are:

  • It will not let you be in the present moment
  • It will not let you concentrate
  • It will make you go against something or someone
  • It gives rise to more stress and ultimately makes you more negative

Now let us see how to deal with stress:

  • Be in the Present Moment

Whatever you are feeling the first important thing is to be in the moment. Just be in the present moment and concentrate on your breath. Inhale and Exhale deeply and observe the breath. This will make you calm for some time initially and which is very important.

  • Understand the Root Cause

Whenever you are feeling stressed you just try to understand what is making you be stressed. Think what went wrong and why? Is there anything you can do about it. Mainly understanding the root cause of your stress is important.

  • Think of any Solution

Now, think of any solution. Just think that whether you can do anything about it. If yes, then start applying that solution. If you can’t do anything then why you are worrying. Just Let it go. And in the next point, we are looking for other’s help.

  • Talk with your Near and Dear ones

If you are not able to do anything just approach your near or dear ones. Explain them what you are going through and ask them how to deal with such situations.

If they have experienced the same stress then they can help you much better. If they haven’t experienced the stress then don’t worry they still can come up with some suggestions so that if you feel good you can think about that.

Moreover you will feel some sort of relaxed once you share with them.

  • Learn from It

The very important thing is to “learn” from it. Learn from that stress. You will learn why the stress came and how I have faced it. And also you will learn that what should not be done so that you may face it again so now you are more forward than initial as you are now experienced one. So its good to learn from both Good and Bad.

So I hope you got some good intakes from the above words. Feel free to comment if you have anything to share. All the best!

Be Distressed from Negative stress.

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