The 5 Books You Got To Get Your Hands On

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Books expand a person’s mind and broaden their horizons. No matter what your level of education is, you should never stop reading. They take you to another world and boost your creativity like no other. But there are certain books that carry with them a timeless wisdom that you keep coming back to and they help you build your life through good advice. The self-help book world is full of thousands of different titles that might intimidate or confuse as to which to buy as almost every book claims to be the book that will change your life. So to save you the hassle, we have come up with the 5 most important books that you should read. All your bases will be covered with these books:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This is considered one of the most important books regarding personal development and it helps you in both conducting business and living life. Stephen R Covey breaks 7 distinct habits down and explains how each of these habits makes your life successful in every arena. We were tempted to list all those habits down but we will tease you with just 3 for now:

  • Be proactive
  • Think Win-Win
  • Sharpen the saw

Want more? Read the book!

How to Win Friends and Influence people

This was first published in the 30s and has become a classic in the self-help world. Its popularity surpassed many other books and it has been translated into 36 languages so far so you can imagine how useful this is. Successful communication is one of the keys to success and in this book; Dale Carnegie explains how you can achieve success in life by interacting with people. Whether it’s for personal relationships or business, this book is nothing less of a staple.


The Secret

When this book came out, it broke all records and was talked about everywhere. No other book was touted about its powerful results like The Secret. In this book, Rhonda Byrne explains how you can manifest anything you want in your life through the power of belief and visualization and make the Law of Attraction work. This is where all the other Law of Attraction related books starting getting their inspiration from and it is a must read.


Good to Great

This is one of the best books of how to take an average business to one of the most sought after companies to do business with. If you are a manager or entrepreneur and want to see yourself higher in the corporate world then this book is a surefire ladder to take you there.

This book also has 7 core principles that transform your business such as:

  • Confront the Brutal Facts: The Stockdale Paradox
  • Hedgehog Concept: The Three Overlapping Circles
  • The Flywheel

Intrigued? Get your hands on it as soon as you can.

Mindset: The Psychology of Success

If you want to know the power of the mind then this is the book for you. Carol Dweck explains how you can achieve success in life just by changing your mindset. The books talks about how changing your mindset transforms your life for the better. Your skills and abilities are not fixed or inherited but you can develop them and reach all your goals.


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