7 Natural Ways to Fight Depression

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Depression is something that can creep up at any point in our lives even when we don’t know what the underlying reason may be. Apart from therapy, there is so much more that you can do to alleviate the symptoms of depression and lead a happy life.

Here are 7 ways that can help you fight depression.


  1. Make a  daily schedule

Getting in routine is essential. It will help you get out of your depressed state. This will ensure that your time is occupied with other activities and you don’t end up thinking about any negative thoughts. Having a set routine will keep in you in a linear track and won’t distract you from anything that can stress you out. Plan out a weekly schedule for yourself and fill your entire day with productive things. Apart from work, you can list other things such as walking your dog, reading a book, going to the gym or watching Netflix.


  1. Gratitude journaling

You might have heard of journaling and saying grateful affirmations, but this is a powerful combination that will help you fight your inner demons. Write down everything in life that you are grateful for. You can start with what makes you grateful in the present and then you can work your way to everything else. Sometimes it is really difficult to find things that you are thankful for, but once you start some introspection, you will see that you are surrounded by so many amazing things.


  1. Set realistic goals

Depression creates a vicious cycle of making you feel worthless. Don’t’ let your past failures control your future progress. You need to use goal setting as a tool to move ahead in life. If you are stuck doing nothing, you will feel even more worthless. Make small and realistic goals that you can achieve easily and then you can move on to more advanced ones.


  1. Exercise

Exercising releases nuero-checmicals (endorphins) in the brain that make you feel pumped up and good. Exercising frequently will make your body energetic and you will be less likely to feel depressed.  Join a gym so that you are surrounded by an energetic atmosphere. It is easier to pursue exercise when you have the support and encouragement of fellow gym friends and trainers.


  1. Eat healthy

Snacking on unhealthy things will eventually make you even more depressed and make you gain weight fast. Stick to healthy and organic items that will fortify your health and provide nutrients to the body.




  1. Get more sleep

Having at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday will regulate all the hormones in the body and will make you more productive. It is hard to fall asleep if you are suffering from depression, so you need to set aside some time for yourself to prepare to sleep. Keep away all distractions, clear your mind and don’t take any naps during the day.


  1. Spend time with family and friends

Depression makes a person want to go into isolation and that makes it worse. You need to surround yourself with positive people so that you feel good about yourself.  Go out with your family or friends more, play with your cat/dog and talk to people. If you have toxic people in your life then try to join support groups and interact with like-minded people.




Disclaimer: This blog post is not a substitute for any medications for depression so please don’t stop taking anything that is prescribed to you by your doctor.


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