Adopt These 6 Traits to Boost your Likability Factor

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There are certain people who are born with a natural magnetism that draws people to them while others have to work on themselves to unlock theirs. If you want to increase your likeability factor, then adopt or polish these 6 crucial traits to make yourself an instant hit among people:


  1. Be a good listener

If you are blessed with the gift of the gab, it’s great. But it is the good listener that is a likeable person at the end of the day. Good listeners are highly trusted people and they come off as genuine. People are more likely to value their opinions and turn to them in times of need as well. Nobody likes to interact with a narcissistic person who only talks about himself or looks distracted while someone is speaking to them.


  1. Being respectful

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a 70-year-old or a 7-year-old, you have to show respect to every person regardless of their age, gender, social status or background. You would be surprised at how attractive this quality looks in people—it draws people like honey draws bees. It is not only about respecting others, but self-respect also plays a key role in people liking you. If you treat yourself with little worth, then other people will also deem you as unworthy of their time, love and respect.


  1. Smile often

Whoever you encounter, the smallest thing you can do for them is to smile and send out positivity. Smiling is infectious and even if you smile at some stranger in the elevator or the checkout queue, there is a 99.99% chance, you will get a smile back.


  1. Thank and apologize

These are two sides of the same coin and must always be used when the situation arises. Even if you bump into someone in the street, make it a habit of apologizing for any inconvenience you may have caused.  Thank people who have given you anything or done something for you; be it the barista who made your cappuccino in the morning. Nobody becomes any lesser for apologizing nor does it take much to be grateful to someone.


  1. Compliment others

If you like something about someone, whether it is a physical trait or a personality trait, express it because sending good vibes to people should be your goal. Who knows one little compliment from you can make someone’s day. When you start seeing the good things in others, you will eventually develop a habit of seeing the positive in everything. Just make sure not to over praise someone because that can seem exaggerated and make you seem fake.


  1. Be helpful and courteous

Always be ready to offer a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Even as little as picking someone’s groceries or opening the door for someone coming behind you will leave a lasting impression of you to someone. At the end of the day, karma will come back and you will get help from people when you need it as well.





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