Body Language Tricks for Success

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Have you ever noticed someone who just walks into a room and his/her body language just demands attention? These types of people don’t even have to say anything and their presence does the talking for them. It is also not just about making a first impression, but about maintaining your body language and posture in various situations. This is the art of good body language and you can learn it too. With just these 5 tips, you can be on your way to success and can impress others by just entering the room.


  1. Walk tall with your head up

Stand upright and don’t slouch as you walk. This makes you look taller and confident.  This is the correct posture for you and prevents any back issues later on as well. Take medium length steps that portray a dynamic stride and are laced with self assurance. This also has a psychological impact on other people — that you are a genuine person and have your stuff together.



  1. Making eye contact

As you walk into a room, don’t look towards the floor because it makes you look timid, shy and weak. Just gaze directly (in a non-intense way) to whatever comes in your field of vision. If there are people you know; look and greet them, if there are strangers looking at you; just smile and move forward. When talking to people, always maintain a healthy amount of eye contact. Looking sideways all the time or just creepily staring right into someone’s eyes can turn someone off. It also makes you comes across as creepy. Every 20 seconds or so, just take a quick glance sideways and then return.

  1. Smile

They say you are never fully dressed until you wear a smile. Smiling is infectious therefore always have a polite smile on. Greeting anyone who engages with you with a smile will make you seem friendly and approachable. Smiling also releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) in the body because the brain is tricked into thinking that something good is happening.


  1. Your voice

Your tone matters a lot when you are interacting with other people.  Just take a deep breath and speak with a crisp tone of voice that is neither too loud nor too low. Speak gently but with a firm ring to it that reflects confidence and self-assurance.


  1. Hand gestures

Take it from the Italians who are masters of hand gestures. Don’t just cross your arms or drop them while you are speaking. Incorporate some friendly or polite hand gestures to the mix to give your conversation more impact. This is particularly important when you are giving a speech or presentation.


Bonus tip:

Don’t cross your arms while talking to someone because this shows that you are not open to communication or are taking a hostile stance. You can keep one hand on the side of your hip or even drop both of them on the side.


Research has shown that our body language is very important for non-verbal communication; one gesture can make or break the perception of others about you. Follow these tips above and you can easily make a lasting and positive impression.


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