What Can Failure Teach You

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We have all been taught — since a very young age — that failure is something that we should avoid like the plague because if we get infected by it, we become the black sheep of the family or the pariah in society. Failing hurts and that’s ok because it is also part of life. From failing a simple math test to the entire institution of marriage, lessons to take from failure are many. Life was not meant to be a cakewalk anyway so unless you want to be a clueless weakling in life, you have to take those hits.

So here are the lessons that failure teaches us:

It makes you stronger

If there is anything that makes us stronger in life other that lifting weights, it is failing. In fact, weight lifting is an excellent example of getting stronger because when you lift those dumbbells there are hundreds of muscle cells in the body that are being worn and torn. After the weight lifting session, new and stronger muscles are made by the body as replacement for the ones that were lost. Your body will be sore and will hurt but that only means that your body is adapting to the change and making stronger tissues for the muscles. So in life, treat your failures like a dumbbell you just lifted. It tired you out, hurt you, and made your sore but at the end of the day you became stronger to carry heavier weights.


It’s not over till you say it’s over

Failure might come and tell you that you couldn’t achieve something, but it will never tells you that it’s over. This is something you or the people around you will tell you. People often assume failure to be one big “Stop sign” on the road to success and then they just camp around it and have a sob story to tell others. If there is a brick wall, you break it, climb it, make a hole through it or do whatever it takes to get ahead.  Making excuses is not going to get you anywhere in life.


Start over and over… and over

History is filled with successful people who never gave up and kept on doing whatever they had to do to achieve success. Their approach and strategies might have changed, but their end goal remained the same. Every successful person has failed many times. It takes a lot to achieve success.


They set you free

As crazy as it sounds, but it is your failures that set you free from misconceptions about life, from the comfort zone and cozy bubble you live in and from the people that make your life miserable. E.g. a divorce is not a failure but it is freedom from living with a spouse who was never good for you or getting fired from a comfortable job is freedom to start your business or work somewhere better.

Embrace your failures and learn from them because they teach you to become better.


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