Climbing The Corporate Ladder – The 4 Traits Necessary To Stay Ahead

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Working in a corporate environment can be quite challenging and staying ahead takes a lot of determination and dedication to your work to get noticed by the management and rise above the ranks. Have you ever wondered why others climb the corporate ladder so easily while others who have been working so many years and possess better credentials, lag behind? What could they be doing wrong, and worse yet; are you one of them?  You would be surprised that just with a little change to your work ethic and style; you can be heading to management level in no time.

Here are the 4 essential traits that you need to work on:




This is one of the most fundamental traits that will keep you ahead in the office. Supervisors and managers don’t like nor are supposed to be micromanaging everything you do so it is your responsibility to not only do all the work efficiently but to do all the work without you being told first. Employees who are self-starters and take initiative to getting the work done are liked, trusted and respected by everyone. Your credibility in their eyes will soar drastically once you start doing the work and also helping out on other projects if you can.



Your work ethic depends a lot on how you spend your time during office hours. If you waste your time doing irrelevant stuff like browsing the internet, chatting with other coworkers or working really slow at one given task then you are not viewed favorably by the management. It’s important that you take breaks during work to clear your head but you should have a laser like focus on all the work that you are supposed to do. Your should meet all the deadlines on time, report to meetings and events before they even start and most importantly, never to leave your work for the next day.



People person

Even if your job is being an accountant and working away crunching numbers all day it is very important for you to have pleasant and friendly personality. The way you interact and work with others determines how far you can stay in the company. If there is a person who has the same designation as you and has an upbeat personality and is friendly towards everyone, guess who will get the next promotion? This isn’t to say that you start being an extrovert or give fake smiles to people, but to develop an amiable character that is helpful to people. This quality is essential to be a leader as well because teamworking skills are done best by someone who is a people person.


Willing to learn

Employees who invest time in learning new things whether it’s by attending conferences or seminars to taking extra courses to be fully competent are always kept in mind for future promotions. Alternately if you express your interest in learning something from others so that you can understand it better and even help them out in the work, it will make you a highly credible person at your workplace. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know something

If you have these 4 essential traits then be ready to celebrate after your next appraisal!

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