Confidence: To Fake or Not to Fake?

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Lack of confidence is something everyone faces to some degree in their lifetime and it is totally normal because nobody is born with it. Some people learn to harness the power of self-confidence while others lag behind in the confidence department. We have all heard the ‘fake it till you make it’ rule when it comes to confidence,  but does it really work? Well, research has confirmed that it does. But here’s the thing; it does not make you a phony because you are simply rehearsing to be a confident person. And here’s why you should walk your way to success by being a confident person in life:


  1. Observe confident people

The first step to gaining confidence is to observe all those people who you admire and how they carry themselves and then try and emulate that. That does not mean you start copying others but learn the art of self-assurance.


  1. Act as if you are already confident

You don’t need a certificate stating that you are confident nor a validation from someone to feel confident. Seeing is believing. Just start acting confidently and soon enough you will exhibit confidence and feel it too.


  1. Be confident despite not being qualified

Sometimes you want to apply for jobs that you don’t exactly qualify for on paper but are perfect for practically. So don’t let that ruin your confidence into not putting yourself out there and getting a chance for a career boost/shift/change. Just don’t apply to a hospital when you have an engineering degree. It means that some jobs might require you to have 5 years of experience when you have 2, apply anyway. Not a media grad but studied literature? Apply anyway and see what possibilities might come your way. As long as you are confident and passionate about your work, you will create high chances for getting hired.


  1. Remember the times when you created magic and write about them

Once every while, you should remind yourself about how awesome you were the moment you gave a great presentation, got asked out by someone, was complimented on something etc. This will instantly uplift your mood and boost your confidence and you will have a high self-esteem. Write down all these moments in a journal so that whenever you feel down or doubt yourself, a quick read about your achievements can make you self-assured again.


  1. Do things that you love and are good at

Doing things that you excel at increases your confidence. So don’t underestimate any skill that you have and polish it even more. They will always remind you that you can do anything and you will try out new things as well.


  1. Walk the walk

One of the most crucial elements of building self-confidence is to walk like you own the place. Stand upright with your chest puffed out and walk with a confident stride. Don’t droop your shoulders and make a balanced eye contact with everyone you encounter.


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