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The human brain according to research, is plastic. This trait is highlighted only to emphasize the fact that the brain is flexible. Nueroplasticity simply means that the brain is ever evolving according to the new things a person learns over time. So if you think you can’t get any smarter, then you are in for a happy surprise. Intelligence is acquired over time and there are so many ways in which you can make your brain sharper than your average tool in the shed. It is true that children’s brains absorb things faster, but that certainly never means that we stop learning after we grow up. Here are 7 things that will surely make you smarter in no time:


  1. Read

It is numero uno on the list because once you develop a habit of reading; you will have this hunger for knowledge and will try to read all sorts of material. Don’t limit yourself to one type of reading source. Read newspapers to keep abreast of the contemporary affairs of your country and the world. Read different magazines, books of all types of genres and even blogs online.  If you can read then consider yourself a fortunate person because there are millions of people in the world who haven’t been blessed with a good education and can’t do so. So take this as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and reading skills. The best part about this is that people who are voracious readers also turn out to be really good writers so you basically kill two birds with one stone. So download some popular books on your tablet or head to your nearest library to boost that grey matter.


  1. Play mind challenging games

Challenge your mind with board games and puzzles such as scrabble or Sudoku. Don’t limit yourself to just these when you have a smart phone because you can download apps that increase your vocabulary, math skills and critical thinking skills.


  1. Surround yourself with smart people

This might seem intimidating but it is worth it and will definitely make you smarter. Hanging out with a crowd of likeminded individuals will increase your chances of moving with an intelligent circle of friends. This will ensure that you have intellectually stimulating discussions and form your own opinions on different things in life.


  1. Get a mentor

If you are aiming to be part of a certain field, then it is best to get in touch with an expert who can be your mentor. Your mentor could be your professor or someone who works closely in that field and can give you guidance from all his/her years of experience.


  1. Get artsy

Don’t limit yourself to just reading. Expand your mind by getting involved in art in some way or the other. Go to art galleries; listen to music from around the world, and sign up for an art class. You never know you might find a hidden talent by experimenting in the world of art.


  1. Get active

Studies show that people who are active and regularly exercise have lesser chances of developing Alzheimer’s or memory loss. The brain and body have a connection – physical activity keeps the body as well as the mind fit and healthy.


  1. Meditate

Meditation has been known to reduce stress levels in the body and promote new neural pathways in the brain. It increases your concentration levels and makes you more productive over time as well.

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