How to Identify and Steer Clear of Toxic People in Your Life

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It doesn’t matter how old you get, you will always encounter some negative people in your life that drain you out or end up making you feel bad about yourself. The problem isn’t you, it’s them. These people are toxic and can come in any sort of relationship such as friends, spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, colleagues or even family. How do you know they are toxic? Well if the signs aren’t obvious enough, here are some major ones that you can easily identify:


It is always’ your’ fault

Whatever you do, they never own up to their mistakes and end up making you feel like the culprit for the bad outcome. Or even if it is your fault, you are reminded of it constantly even after you have atoned for that mistake.  This is borderline emotional abuse and you should stop engaging with such people who manipulate you by pinning things on you. Abusive relationships with your partner, siblings or friends can seriously damage a person’s self worth. Try talking to them about it and if there is still no positive result, it is time to ditch them for better friends or partners. For toxic family relations, it is best to have an intervention and have a heart-to-heart conversation. If that doesn’t work, you can simply limit your interaction with them.



Toxic people are best at manipulating other people either emotionally or by making up exaggerated stories. These people have no control over their lives therefore they try to feel better by trying to control yours. This also reflects their insecurity. In a romantic relationship, if your spouse controls who you talk to, what you wear and where you go, then you should seriously reconsider your bond and try to get out of the relationship fast.


Hurtful and disrespectful

Every relationship’s foundation rests on two major things: trust and respect. If you are missing either one of them from a friend, partner or family member, then it is time for some serious confrontation. Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are so if you notice that every time you hang out with someone and all you get are snarky remarks or sarcastic comments, you should either talk directly about it with them and express clearly that you won’t tolerate this behavior. In the worst case scenario, you can simply stop meeting them.



Nobody is perfect and there is a little bit of jealousy in everyone. That is normal, but there are certain people who take this emotion to an unhealthy level and it becomes the green-eyed monster that rears its ugly head. Jealous people don’t want anything good to happen to you and will frown upon your achievements and make sarcastic comments, won’t compliment you for anything nor appreciate anything you do for them. These people are commonly known as frenemies, therefore avoid them like a plague, ‘unfriend’ them or limit them from your social media accounts and avoid interacting with them. If you have a jealous family member then you should always try to motivate or compliment him/her so that the negativity in the room is cancelled out and you are not hated for any reason.


These are the most toxic of all people as they can easily spread rumors, start fights and also talk about you behind your back. They’ll always find something to say about you so ignore them and focus on yourself and your life.

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