Thinking big but playing it small: The self-sabotaging habits to get rid of

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Often the things that prevent us from succeeding in life are our own bad habits. It’s the enemy within that we have to watch out for in order to conquer the world; and not any other external factor. You are the sum of all the habits you have. So wherever you are in life is mainly due to the decisions you took based on those habits. It is really easy for you to blame life, circumstances and the people around for the failures, but if you do a little introspection; you will find out that just by tweaking a few things in your life, your success rate is going to dramatically increase.


The number one thing that sabotages your success in life is you delaying the quest to reach it in the first place, also known as procrastination. Procrastination is that silent killer of your dreams and ambitions that you confuse with tiredness or laziness. You put off things that you can do today for the next day and before you know it; you are in this vicious cycle that leads to no result except for failure.

Successful people don’t make any lame excuses to put things off and are quite proactive. They are headstrong and take every necessary step to achieve their goals. You don’t have to make any big changes but doing something little everyday might lead to success, and that is all you need to progress in life.

Staying in the comfort zone

People don’t achieve success by sitting comfortably on their couches, and neither does success come knocking on one’s door easily. You have to invest your time and effort towards it and only then will you reap the benefits of all the hard work. In order to reach tremendous success, you will always have to get out of your comfort zone to reach it. Do you think that mountain climbers have it easy for them? Or marathon runners never practice running before the race? It takes months upon months of dedication and stepping out of their comfort zone to win. So do all the things that scare you or make you uncomfortable. Stretch your limits to reach a higher yardstick for yourself.


It’s high time you step out of the pity-party that you created just because you failed a few times. Nobody likes a self-loathing person. It weakens your personality and makes you full of self-doubt and fears. Self-loathing slowly chips away at your self-esteem and confidence over time and it is one of those self-sabotaging habits that is quite hard to get out of if you keep doing it for a long time.

Giving up too easily

Just because things didn’t pan out the way you wanted them to, doesn’t mean you should quit it altogether. If all the successful people thought that way then there wouldn’t be light bulbs, airplanes, Harry Potter books, cars or Disney cartoons. Failures are there to teach you that you can do better than your previous attempt and to make your stronger. So whatever you quit doing, thinking that you can’t, start it again and keep on doing it until you succeed. A defeatist attitude is not going to lead you anywhere in life.


Kick these self-sabotaging habits to the curb and see success coming towards you as fast as lightening!


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