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Going for the morning jog or to the gym and having the same old boring music on your ipod? Here is a lineup of some of the most motivating and inspiring songs that you should include in your playlist. No more sad or sappy songs to make you blue (save them for a rainy day). To gear you up and make you more productive, listen to these power jams for an uplifting experience:

1. Eye of the tiger-Survivor

This is a gem from the 80s that has become every determined person’s anthem especially in the gym. You must have especially heard it in the movie ‘Rocky III’, after Rocky was given a pep talk by Apollo Creed. 

2.  Hall of fame- The script feat. Will I am

This song is like your mini pep talk before doing anything. The title basically says it all. Work hard and give it your best shot and you will be in the hall of fame someday.

3. Stronger- Kanye West feat. Daft Punk

A rehashed version peppered with Kanye’s attitude all over Daft Punk’s original “Harder, better, faster, stronger”, this is one of those catchy songs that can instantly rev you up to take on anything.

4. Survivor-Destiny’s  Child

This might be a post break up song but it works equally well for anything that you are battling with in your life. Whether its addictions, inner demons or failures.

5. Independent Women- Destiny’s Child

The party anthem for women’s empowerment and a great motivator for all the girls who want to make it big in life without having to depend on the bank balance of a guy.

6. Lil star- Kelis feat Cee Lo Green

Her motivation brings all the people to yard and damn right she’s playing it hard. For those days when you doubt yourself, this sweet song will put a smile right back to your face and make you realize that you will shine! 

7.  I don’t wanna be-Gavin Degraw

This is for all those people out there who doubt their self worth and identity. This song is all about embracing your true self and not following the crowd. Just be who you are without changing for anyone.

8. Push it to the limit- Paul Engemann (OST of Scarface)

It is like a coach telling you to push yourself forward no matter what. It’s a classic 80s song but gets you pumped up for sure.

9. Fighter-Christina Aguilera

This is for all those want to or have come out of toxic relationships with friends, partners or anyone else. It’s about taking a stand and not putting up with injustice. Christina’s strong vocal cords +motivational lyrics= a force to be reckoned with.

10.  Touch the sky-Kanye West feat Lupe Fiasco

Back when Kanye came out with some good beats and didn’t join the Kardashian bandwagon, this is what he came up with and this is still one of his best songs. It’s about reaching your full potential no matter what.

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